Don’t Wait – Autism Early Years Diagnostic Clinic


The Don’t Wait – Autism Early Years Diagnostic Clinic is an opportunity for families who are in need of a timely diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This program is specifically designed for younger children (< 5 years of age) needing a diagnosis as soon as possible for the purpose of accessing intervention and/or funding.

A typical ASD diagnostic assessment includes:

These assessments will be conducted within 2 weeks of formal intake.  A diagnostic letter will be provided within 1 week of feedback with a full report to follow.

Assessment includes:

  • Intake 
  • Review of records
  • Parent/Caregiver Interview
  • Use of Diagnostic Tools
    • Autism Diagnostic Interview-R
    • Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale 2
    • Social Responsiveness Scale-2
    • additional tools as necessary
  • Consideration of differential diagnosis (cognitive testing if necessary)
  • Establishment of ASD diagnosis
  • Communication of ASD diagnosis and assessment findings

Assessment of children over 5 years of age will be seen on a first come first serve basis through our traditional Assessment and Diagnosis Clinic.

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