Evidence-Based Behavioral Intervention

Behavioral Intervention or evidence-based behavioral services (EBBS) refers to the use of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to change socially significant behavior.  It is an approach to teaching that has been empirically demonstrated to increase positive behavior and decrease unwanted behavior more so than any other treatment approach.  It requires trained clinical staff.  At SBSLG, we offer both intensive/comprehensive behavioral intervention (IBI – more than 14 hours per week) and focused behavioral intervention (FBI – less than 15 hours per week).

According to the literature, Behavior Intervention works well with all children but children starting earlier make the most significant gains.  Research strongly recommends early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for children diagnosed with ASD and encourages parents to start therapy as early as possible.

1 to 1 Behavioral Intervention

Both our intensive and focused BI programs include the support of the Clinical Supervisor/BCBA and/or Psychologist who is responsible for participating in and overseeing the assessment, the development of the individual program plan for each child and the continued supervision of staff and program. The Clinical Supervisor/Psychologist observes and gives feedback and suggestions to the Behavior Therapists on an on-going basis.

SBSLG Team Members



Behavior Therapist

Clinical Supervisor/BCBA

Resource Consultant/RECE,RC


Who is this program for?

Children 12 months to 9 years of age

Children who have a diagnosis of ASD or who would benefit from 1-1 instruction

Families that live within a 30 km radius of 1 Regan Road, Brampton (Vankirk & Bovaird)

Service Includes:

Individual Behavior Plan

Individual intervention sessions in-centre or in-home if centre is at capacity

Parent/guardian support and training

School collaboration

How Do I Get Started?

  • call 905-846-7700 and ask for Carmine for a free phone consultation.  She will discuss with you what we have available and what may be the best option for your family.
  • set up an in-centre visit
  • set up a date for your child’s assessment and determine an intervention start date – you will receive information on your child’s assessment performance on the first day of intervention
  • receive, review and provide informed consent for your child’s Individual Program Plan (IPP)

Start date:

  • start dates are available at anytime
  • spaces are available on a first-come-first serve basis or if if/when there is availability within a particular classroom

           ABA Transitional Classroom  

The SBSLG ABA based Transitional Classroom has been running since 2006.  This classroom is an integral part of our dedication to an evidence-based, solution-focused approach to transitioning children from 1-1 specialized services to traditional classrooms, specialized school based programs and their social communities.  

Our classrooms is a 1/2 day program with 1-3 teacher/student ratio and a small class size capped at 6 children.  The time spent at SBSLG will constitute the child’s therapeutic program while the child’s home school will function as their integration site.

Key features of the SBSLG Kindergarten classroom:

A variety of assessment tools will be used at the start of each term

All teaching will be based in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

A Positive Behavioral Support System will be employed throughout the classroom and the centre

The staff will assess aspects of the environment that might enhance the effectiveness of instruction

Preference assessments will be conducted regularly to determine the types of stimuli or activities that can be used to teach new skills and maintain existing ones.

Data on student performance will be collected regularly and actively used for decision making

A variety of evidence based visual supports and strategies will be used within the classroom.

School readiness skills are an active program target. Individual classroom goals may be targeted after consultation with your child's classroom teacher.

The kindergarten classrooms will serve as potential placement sites for students enrolled in Behavioral Science undergraduate programs

Staff will be provided with regular professional development and clinical review days

Individual program plans will be developed for each student

1-1 hours of ABA based instructional will be available to supplement the classroom experience on a fee for service basis above the cost of the classroom

Parent involvement is considered to be an essential part of the Transition Classroom.

A variety of evidence based applied behavior analytic teaching strategies will be utilized (i.e., fluency based instruction, discrete trial teaching, natural environment teaching, verbal behavior, structured teaching).

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